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An experienced Smart Bug user can set up the entire system in about 10 minutes. An inexperienced Smart Bug user can break out the kit and set everything up in about 15 minutes. SIMPLICITY OF USE is one of the key factors in just how versatile and mobile you'll find the Smart Bug Broadcast System.

However you send your audio feed to the Listen Technologies LT-800 FM transmitter - standard XLR microphone cable, 1/4" jack or even RCA jacks - it's as simple as plug in the power, hook up the antenna, then connect from your broadcast equipment directly into the transmitter and start the show!

Our patented Smart Bug receivers will pick up ONLY what you want it to. One-channel, two-channel and three-channel radios allow you to simultaneously provide any number of broadcast feeds (television, radio, Internet) or create your very own broadcast platform right inside your venue.

As many as NINE simultaneous transmissions can be managed within your venue, allowing for big-league applications (all home broadcast transmissions on one radio, all visitor broadcast transmissions on another) and even United Nations-sized (well, almost) simultaneous language translations on a budget much smaller than you'd think.

Clients bringing Smart Bug technology into their programs can easily turn this added feature of their events into a branding opportunity that sponsors love. Have their logo join your events on the front of the radio, and even give them valuable "eye-high" real estate by placing their logo on the outside surface of our standard over-the-ear styled ear pieces!

Smart Bug applications of all types are powered by Listen Technologies transmitters. Set up a stationary transmitter for venue use or hook a microphone to one of Listen's portable transmitters and you've got the performance guarantee of TWO industry leaders! Portable kits with protective cases... Audio mixers, connection cables, specialty mics – ANYTHING you need to get your program on the air... Storage and carrying cases... one call gets the job done!

STEREO BUGS were added to our lineup in 2010 and now offer THE SOLUTION for major-venue acoustics issues during musical performances. Successfully tested at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the new radios feature upgraded stereo ear buds that put every concert attendee right in the musical "sweet spot!" Source sound fed directly from mixer to our stereo transmitter and then broadcast LIVE and in REAL TIME to every seat in the house!

COMING EARLY 2015! Especially for simultaneous language-translation applications, we've created an even "smarter" Smart Bug – the new 9-CHANNEL receiver! This NEW radio puts an end to "mixing and matching" 3-channel radios - be sure and watch for this exciting new development and product line!

The Smart Bug Broadcast System requires NO FCC or Industry Canada licensing - the 216 MHz frequency transmitted at low power is reserved by those agencies for devices that assist the hearing-impaired and also for educational purposes and only rarely has an effective range of more than 1/2 mile. Around the world, other frequencies are reserved for the same purposes (151 MHz in Australia and 72 MHz in Africa, for instance) - there's a Bug for almost every continent and every country!