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Language Translation Applications

Around the world, groups of people may share an interest or even an expertise, but without a common language, well, we've all heard of the Tower of Babel, right?

The Smart Bug Broadcast System is a HIGHLY effective method by which to provide discreet simultaneous language translation to event attendees, whether your group is in a classroom, a boardroom, stadium, religious structure or even on the go!

Smart Bugs can currently deliver as many as THREE simultaneous language feeds – imagine being able to speak to a multi-language audience in its native tongues WITHOUT breaking your event budget! Branding and/or signage can help steer your audience to the proper radio channel, then your translators can speak directly to your audience via the stationary or even portable Smart Bug Systems.

In the United States, public schools face the challenge not only of educating ESL students, but also reaching out to the parents who may not have a proficiency level in English. Smart Bugs have already been adopted for such use in Texas and the number of school clients continues to grow and includes centers of language and international culture.

All the world over, businessmen share a common trait – commerce. No longer do professional translators and business planners have to invest in expensive receivers to meet the needs of international guests. Smart Bugs break down the barriers and make the mechanics of simultaneous translations a simple and low-key function.

Houses of worship have their needs for simultaneous language translation as well, bringing "The Word" to a growing multi-lingual congregation. Smart Bugs have helped religious leaders reach worshipful audiences across the United States, in Russia and Mexico without stressing operational budgets.

Professional translators stay on the go and Smart Bug receivers are making their business a more efficient and affordable exercise. No matter the languages, Smart Bugs currently can pick up three separate transmissions – coming in early 2015, that utility will expand to NINE channels! Be it the boardroom or on a factory or campus tour, Smart Bugs ARE the answer!