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Creating a whole new standard in live-sport entertainment!

"Enhancing the fan experience" is a mantra for most sports and event professionals these days and providing their attendees with engaging broadcast content - even exclusive in-venue broadcasts - is a way to do just that.

The SMART BUG BROADCAST SYSTEM - an easy-to-use transmitter and patented receiver setup - has been engaging fans across North America and in Australia for eight years, outlasting much of the competition due to one simple fact - IT WORKS!

SMART BUG radios can be used to make existing radio, television or Internet-only broadcasts completely accessible to event attendees, or, with exclusive in-venue productions, an entirely new broadcast platform. Brand them to YOUR benefit - "Bulldog Sport Radio," "Buckeye Bug," "LIVE Bug," "Skate Bug," "AXEL Radio," "PUCK Radio," "HACK Radio" - at the end of the day, all of the above are client-branded Smart Bug radios.

Imagine the response of YOUR clients when they can interact REAL TIME with expert, in-venue commentators (like at the 2010 Winter Olympic figure skating and curling competitions in Vancouver as well as Skate Canada and USA Figure Skating premier events the past two years).... Imagine the reaction of YOUR program or events' sponsors when they can reach your attendees on a personal level...... Imagine the IMPACT such innovative programming can have on your bottom line!

From use at various high school athletic events all the way up to the level of the most recent Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Vancouver, the response of listeners has been uniformly excellent: "U guys r gr8! I've learned more about pairs (figure skating) in the last two hours than in 15 years of watching on television." - Text message from "Axel Radio" listener at 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

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