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About Us

The Smart Bug Broadcast System dates back to 1998 when inventors and founders Neil Christiansen and
Dean Scrivens from Ponoka, Alberta decided there HAD to be a better way to listen to hockey broadcasts while in attendance at the games.

Fast-forward five years, and the company found its way south of the Canadian border where long-time Olympic-sport leader Jack Kelly saw a promise far beyond the sheets of ice.

After years of demonstrations and applications ranging from equestrian sports, high school and college football, basketball, baseball and softball, professional hockey, religious conventions, gymnastics, dog shows and even trips south of the Mexican border for use by US fans of "futbol Norte Americano" at several Aztec Bowl games, the Bugs found their biggest success back near where they started.

First, it was Skate Canada that embraced a new notion at two of its premier figure skating events over the 2008-09 season. With the creation of an in-venue broadcast production, fans in attendance could hear expert commentary from judges, coaches and technical specialists - by listening in on Smart Bug radios that were dubbed "Skate Bugs" for the events. The fans LOVED the additional content - and especially loved being able to send text messages from their own phones directly to the commentators. From Ottawa to Saskatoon, the "Bugs" started to spread. The system picked up even more steam at the International Skating Union's Four Continents Cup in Vancouver, British Columbia. That event - an Olympic "dry-run" for venerable Pacific Coliseum - boosted the concept of in-venue broadcasts to an even higher level just over a year later.

The list of high-profile clients and events continued to grow: USA Gymnastics, The Westminster Kennel Club's Dog Show, The US Figure Skating Association were all on-board and seeing the system evolve into one of its strongest manifestations - a completely separate broadcast platform that enhanced the fan experience like nothing else ever before!

Already used in some churches as an assistive-listening device, Smart Bugs provided that same function in every Olympic and Paralympic venue during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. On the broadcast side, the Bugs were part of Olympic history - for the first time ever, fans at both the figure skating (where the Bugs were dubbed "Axel Radio") and curling ("Hack Radio") venues were treated to live in-house commentary and had the chance to interact with the expert commentators who were not only informative, but entertaining as well - the broadcasts were lauded not only by local media but in such publications as The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, on Bill Simmons' ESPN Radio program, and countless other media outlets via Canadian and U.S. wire services. During the Paralympics, "Hack Radio" was on the air again during the wheelchair curling bonspiel and at the sledge hockey tournament, fans tuned in with "Puck Radios."

Smart Bug continues to grow today and has been the "problem solver" in even more applications - the Professional Skaters Association uses the broadcasts system at their annual conference and regional seminars to allow on-ice instructors reach their audience at a clear, conversational level. Simultaneous language translation is a growing need in many settings – schools, religious services, business conferences and educational tours – and we’ve discovered our that our technology provides a welcomed respite to limited budgets. Concert events in large stadiums - like Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas - now have a way to deliver stereo audio in a much clearer and satisfying manner to tens of thousands of attendees.

When you call the Smart Bug Corporation, you're still likely to get the very people you want to talk to - and you WON'T have to "push 1." Our team of professionals knows the industry of sport production and sports broadcasting. We also know how to help educators, business leaders and religious speakers get their collective messages delivered – either as a strict ADA aide or as a means of allowing for a multi-lingual presentation. You provide the audio source - existing broadcasts of all types or in-house audio – and we'll extend your versatility and impact. In the realm of sports and other events, we can not only enhance the fan experience but the bottom-line as well.


My experience with Smart Bugs dates back to 2005 and a sunny October afternoon in Marshall, Texas. A product demonstration during my broadcast of an East Texas Baptist University football game "set the hook" and launched a side-step to my broadcast career that eventually led to work with a number of world-class events highlighted by the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

What we learned quickly was this the difference between small-town high school football broadcasts production and that of even Olympic sport production is strictly a matter of scale.

Secondly, that solving problems by creating a more satisfying attendee experience is extremely rewarding. Whether we're the technical side of an in-venue broadcast production, helping people to bridge language barriers or creating a more level playing field for sight-impaired or hearing impaired individuals at events, the value is measurable and significant.

We won't rest on our laurels either. You're not known for a quality product without quality service, so we work to provide a 100% satisfaction rate with all of our clients. Regardless the size of the project regardless the number of Smart Bugs needed we're here to help you move audio to the people who need it. We do it efficiently, we do it affordably and we can do it anywhere in the world.

For more information, call the Smart Bug Corporation - (903) 200-5787 or toll free in the U.S. and Canada - (866) 319-5470. E-mail inquiries may be made at info@smartbug.com.